Cancellation Policy

1. We have a hassle-free cancellation request option available. you have to mail or call us to cancel your order.

2. In case of order gets canceled by us then the complete order amount will be refunded.

3. Order modification and cancellation are not available once, the product has been shipped.

4. In case of complaints regarding products that come with a warranty from manufacturers, please refer the issue to them. VIPER PC believes in helping its customers as far as possible and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

Return/ Refund Policy

1. We accept return and refund request only if the product delivered by us is in damaged condition, the wrong product was sent, the product is in dead condition, or the product is defective (Note:- Customer have to record the video before opening the product(courier) for the refund). Buyers will have 3 days to 7 days (7 days is applicable on purchase of a complete PC set) after delivery to inform us in case of any dispute in the order to claim for return or refund. Buyer needs to bring the issue to our attention either by emailing us (preferred) or by calling us.

2. If the seal of the product is opened and the product is not faulty then a return/refund will not be applicable.

3. Return / Refund request will be canceled if any part or accessory is missing from the product box.

4. Packaging material should be kept by the buyer until the return window is opened as this will help them to pack the product to its original form to avoid any damage during the transit.

5. The product should be packed in a proper way as it was received by the buyer, Do not apply tapes or glues directly on the product or on the product box, this may lead to the cancellation of your return request.

6. All the accessories that were delivered along with the product should be returned in the same way and along with the product. We will initiate the refund once, we receive the courier or product as it was sent by us, If there are any missing parts in the product then it may lead to the cancellation of the refund.

7. Refunds usually take 03 – 05 working days to reflect in your account.